Imlie 22th March 2021 Written Updates

Scene begins with Aditya following Imlie. Imlie says don’t stop me. You dont need to go about as noone is here aside from Sita Maiya and me. Townspeople are not watching you. Aditya pulls her close to him and inquires as to whether he comes clean will she trust him? Imlie says nothing can change reality. For what reason would you say you are doing all these to demonstrate what? Imlie begins going however Aditya goes ahead and gets on his one knee. He is sorry to Imlie for harming her to such an extent. He says everytime you followed what I said to you. Presently its my chance to help you. Imlie says him to get up and says individuals can see him. Imlie doesn’t stop. She continues to walk and Aditya follows her. After some time Imlie stops him saying its enough at this point. Presently you may leave. You will leave tomorrow.

Aditya says however you will not go with me. Imlie says she will remain in lodging. As in Tripathi house I need to remove my mangalsutra and eliminate the sindoor. Be that as it may, in inn I will not need to do it. Aditya feels pitiful. He says with getting your pardoning I will not go. Imlie says individuals apologize to their friends and family. Who am I to you? Aditya figures he, at the end of the day, doesn’t have a clue how to address this inquiry. Imlie says Stop agonizing over me and go from here. Aditya says you truly need me to leave? Imlie says yes.

Anu says to Malini that does she think Aditya engages in extramarital relations. Malini says for what reason are you making misconception. We are not conversing with one another doesn’t mean you will question Aditya. On the off chance that you are stressed, figure out how to confide in individuals too. Anu says she will converse with Tripathis. She can’t see her girl’s torment.

Imlie says to Aditya, you actually following me? Kindly leave. Aditya says alright he’ll leave. He thinks its chance to bid farewell to Imlie. He will miss her to such an extent. Imlie thinks has Babusaheb gone as of now. Will she turn around to see? In any case, she prevents herself from doing as such.

Meethi says she is stressed for Imlie’s marriage. How might she not trust Imlie. Satyakam reassures her. Meethi becomes more acquainted with that Imlie is out of Pagdandiya.

Some town men come to annoy Imlie. Imlie compromises them saying dont you dare contact me. Aditya beats them a great deal and says she is my significant other. How might you contact her. She is wearing mangalsutra of my name. Imlie stops Aditya. She sits on ground. Aditya asks her would she say she is okay? Precipitation begins. Meethi gets stressed for Imlie. Aditya takes her with him in an individual’s home. They give them new garments to wear.

Aditya converses with the elderly person and seeing Imlie in the new saree Aditya gets hypnotized. Imlie sits close to him. Elderly person says them rest in the room. Imlie says she will rest on ground. Seeing precipitation Imlie says this is my adversary. On account of it things changed in my life.

Aditya says you will not have the option to pardon me? Imlie says yes I pardoned you. You have proceeded with the show for long. Presently you will not need to acknowledge the falsehood. Aditya says you know my entire truth. You realize I am in difficulty. Already in three days whatever I have accomplished for you weren’t bogus. I did it as I needed to help you. Read more………

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