How to increase height Exercise, Yoga, Diet

How to increase height exercise: – If you have also been very upset with your height, then you can increase your height. If you are looking for some remedies, then the good news for you is that we will tell you about some remedies and exercises to increase your height. Which you can do in your house and increase your height. So let’s start..

Height Depends On 4 Main Factor

Increase height naturally at home: – First of all, we talk about which main factor Depend on height, Depend on our height 4 main factor.

  1. Parents
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise
  4. Yoga

Parents: – 80-90% of your height depends on your parents, because the DNA and Genes that are in your parents are in you, similarly both of your DNA and Genes are the same. Height Depends on Your Parents

If the height of your parents is low and your height is also low then you need not worry because you can increase your height with diet, exercise, yoga. Your height can increase until the age of 24 years. It is very important for you to have a good diet. Only then you will be able to increase your height.

5 Simple Exercises to Increase height

How to increase height exercise: – If you want to increase your height, then we will tell you about simple exercises, which you can do in your home, you will not need to go out. So let’s talk about 5 Exercise. With the help of which you will be able to increase your height.


Hanging exercise for height growth: – The name of the first exercise is Hanging. This exercise is very helpful in increasing your height.

Hanging exercise for height growth method: – This exercise is the way to do this exercise, you have to lift your body 2-3 feet from the ground with the help of a tree or anything else, if you do this exercise daily, then your height is very high. Will grow rapidly This exercise should be done for 10 minutes. You should do this exercise at the time of waking up in the morning because our whole body is loose at that time.

Hanging exercise for height growth Benefits:- When you do this exercise, the muscle of your whole body becomes stretched, in this way blood circulation and oxygen flow in your body properly. You cannot do exercise fast. If you do this exercise at a high speed, then your body can be harmed, that is why you must take care of it.

Spot Exercise

Increase height naturally at home: – The name of the second exercise is Spot Exercise, to do XX size, you should use Yoga Mat. But still you do not have a yoga mat, so you can do it with the help of a cloth underneath it.
Spot Exercise Height growth method: – The method of doing this exercise is to sit on the mat on your knees, and you have to leave your body loose, and your hands are upward and slowly bring your body and hands down. Spot Exercise Benefits: –Is and you have to put your hands and your hands on the bottom, likewise you should do this exercise 5 to 10 minutes daily. By doing this your stomach gets diets. Which makes your height grow very fast.

Side stretch

Increase height naturally at home: – Side Stretch Exercise comes at number three. I am very simple to exercise which you can easily do in your home. J Exercise will help you incense your height.
Side stretch Exercises Height growth method: –: – To do this exercise, you have to stand up straight and raise both your hands and hold both your hands together. You have to tighten your entire body. Similarly, you have to bow your body towards Right and Left.

Side stretch Exercises Benefits: –If you do this exercise, then your muscles become tight and your body gets flexibility, due to which your height starts to increase gradually. You have to remember not to do this after eating.

Low lunge arch

Low lunge arch Exercises Height growth: –: – Name of fake exercise Low Lunge Arch. Many people believe that by doing this exercise, your height increases very quickly and very easy. With this exercise is considered the best exercise to do Height Increase.
Low lunge arch Exercises Height growth Method:- To do this exercise, you have to come to the Lunge Position and you have to keep one leg forward and your other leg backwards, then you have to move both hands upwards. This is how you have to keep your two hands together, you have to do this for a while.

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Low lunge arch Exercises Benefits: –If you do this exercise, your back muscles will get tight very quickly and your height will start growing very quickly.

Whlking on toes

Whlking on toes Exercises Height growth: – The fifth and last exercise is named Whlking on Toes. It has been considered very good exercise to increase your height.
Whlking on toes Exercises Height growth method: – First of all you have to stand up straight, similarly you have to slowly put all your weight on the feet of your feet, similarly you have to start walking slowly, do this exercise daily for 10 to 15 minutes. |

Whlking on toes Exercises Benefits:- By doing this exercise, the number of Growth Harmones in your mind increases, if its number is high then there will be a change in your height.

If you do all these exercises daily, then in your height, you will know how much benefit of doing these exercises in about 1 month.

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