How to gain weight With Diet & Exercise

How to gain weight With Diet & Exercise:- If you do a good diet and go to the gym but you are not able to gain weight, then you do not need to worry because we have brought you some household tips which will help you increase your weight. In the month | Your weight will increase by 5 to 10 kg in 1 month. So let’s start. (Make powder to gain weight)

Not reading weight is not a particular problem. Many people start eating fast food, oil food to increase their weight. You do not have to do this at all because by doing this your weight increases but it is fat. That is why you get very upset. That is why we have brought such a home remedy for you, with the help of which you will get your weight bigger in 1 month. And your body will also start to form. It will not cost you much. And there will be no harm to your body. Just include some things in your diet. In this way, the special thing about the remedy is that you do not have to change anything in your diet, if you are showing something throughout the day, then you do not need to leave anything. Similarly, now let’s talk about what to include in your diet.

If you exercise daily with a good diet, then your weight will definitely increase and you will also be healthy. Exercise a good diet every morning and evening.

If you are having breakfast you have drank in the morning, then you have to take 2 Bananas with it and you have to take a glass of full cream milk with it. You have to add a powder to this milk, which you can make at home, we will tell you how to make this folder.

Make powder to gain weight

If you want to make powder from it, you will need 100 Grams Pumpkin Seeds, 100 Grams Seassame Seeds, 100 Grams Flax Seeds, 100 Grams Sunfower Seeds. You can buy all these things online too. The first thing to do is to mix all these things and heat it well. When it cools down, mix it well in the grinder. This way your powder will be ready.

Similarly, you have to take 2 Bananas of this powder in the morning and drink two spoons of this powder in milk.
People often feel hungry in the evening and that is why they eat biscuits with tea. Instead of eating a biscuit, you have to eat peanut and roasted chickpeas and keep eating what you eat during the night, you have to eat 100 Grams cottage cheese with it. If you eat one then you have to eat 4 eagles instead of cottage cheese. You do not have to leave anything in your food throughout the day, whatever you eat first, keep eating it, but you have to include all these in it. You will be able to increase your weight by 9 to 10 kg in about 1 month. After one month, you will automatically see an improvement in your weight.

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