Hamariwali Good News 25th January 2021 Current Written Update

Presently, Hamariwali Good News 25th Jan 2021 Written Update Starts with Kusum is checking out everything from outside of the house and she needs Mukund to be accessible there and besides agrees for the custom. Renuka demands Mukund will he do the custom for the unborn offspring of them? Mukund doesn’t answer anything and Renuka addresses the priest that she won’t play out the custom as Mukund doesn’t take confidence in all these and she talks she will play out the custom alone. The minister talks that as the young person is a piece of both the gatekeepers so both of their characters in the custom is mandatory. The priest talks if you people are not excited about performing it, by then, I will pull out.

Mukund demands that he stop eventually and talks since I expected risk for the youngster thusly I will play out all the services required for the kid. He speaks I will get the rings made by tonight at any cost and goes out and addresses Renuka that he will be in the house on time. Aditya accepts that an especially horrendous time is here for him as he needs to give a go-between test for understudies in a coercion way and vanishes from the room resulting to having a warmed conflict with Navya. Navya demands him from where did he get the shirt and the new glasses to which he talks that she had no ideal chance to look at him these days and that is the explanation she has no idea about his whereabouts. She demands him for what benefit reason he is expressing this while he ignores the point and leaves for his work as he is getting late.

Sumitra is watching things with shock since everything is going reverse of her course of action and she can’t do anything with her techniques. Indu demands that she calm down since exploding won’t help her for the present circumstance since this pastor calamity can be a ploy of Renuka. Sumitra picks her adaptable and calls someone and speaks I need the lady to come here at the most punctual chance and addresses Indu I need a woman who can make Renu out of the presence of Mukund. On the other hand, Navya is planning young women for self-safeguarding while unexpectedly Aditya is working and giving a go-between test for the kin of the rec focus owner in a manner of speaking. He addresses Aditya I have given half money to the owner of the rec focus as of now and the rest you will get post results and Aditya gets offended. Later Renuka is believing that Mukund will come as the opening for custom is essentially here. Sumitra affronts her that Mukund may not come at this point Renuka talks in case he has pledged to be accessible, by then he will come here as he is a man of words. Mukund goes into the house ten minutes before the formal beginnings and Sumitra gets bothered to watch this. Later Renuka and Mukund performed and fulfilled the functions together and Renuka is happy to watch him doing everything while he is discreetly seeing her

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