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Best Friend Whatsapp Groups”: – Today we are going to “give’ you some such Whats App group’s where you will be able to make good friend’s and “talk” to them and learn something from them and they will be able to learn some links to add to this group’s You can join the group’s from below, but to join all these group’s you have to follow the rules given below and join all these group’s without breaking any role. Will get a place in those groups, otherwise you will be expelled from the group, in this post, you will get an opportunity to make good friends from different states of India, such as Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Chandigarh and List of Best Friend Group of Himachal Pradesh is given below.

Punjab Best Friend Groups

In Sankta Kheri you will find Punjabi friends with whom we have no relationship but you can talk to them. You do not have to change anything in this group. And you don’t have to put wrong things in this group. We have formed this group just to make new friends. Which can be from different cities. You can join them exactly the frame.

Telegram Group Link

Jaamu Kashmir Groups

You do not see above which groups are these, you can join these groups, please before joining this group, you must read the rules of the group. So that you don’t face any problem in staying in the group.

Chandigarh Groups

To join these groups, you have to first read the WhatsApp group pool and follow the same rules, as different groups have different rules, you follow all the rules and stay in this group Is.

Jharkhand Groups

In this, you will get to see groups of Jharkhand who do not have any relationship with us. Does not have any relationship with them. That is why, if you join the group first, then you need to know whatsapp group rubool we have started whatsapp group in this post, you should join the group after reading it.

Himachal Pradesh Groups

At this time you will get the best groups of Himachal Pradesh which you can easily join, but if you want to join this group, first of all you will have to start the group, as we have written the group start below in this post. You have to follow that group only then you join the groups.

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Best Friends Whatsapp Groups Rules

  1. The first rule of joining WhatsApp group is that no person in the group should say anything wrong and do not use the wrong language in the group, the person doing so will be expelled from the group.
  2. Do not send any wrong picture in the group and send the wrong video. If you send any pornographic photo or video in the group, you will be thrown out of the group.
  3. Send content in the same category related to the group, such as the content of only education in educational group, send the content of education
  4. Some of these groups are such from the group that we have received from the Internet, so we, the people, we do not have any responsibility of the people that people will not come from the groups.

Thank you for joining the group, follow all the rules given above and you will be expelled from the group if you break any rules associated with the WhatsApp group.

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