Virat asks Sai he needs to ask Sai something significant. Sai reveals to I will save your time,I didn’t feel terrible when you offered rose to Pakhi. Virat tells will you let me ask what I need to inquire? How did Pakhi get some answers concerning the rose occurrence? Sai tells possibly she saw photographs in Ashwini’s telephone. She tells currently let her investigation.

Virat enlightens first let us talk concerning Ladakh,why would you prefer not to accompany us to the outing? Sai advises your family needs you to go with her,I don’t have any issue. Virat tells would you say you are done,can you allow me to talk now? He discloses to I wan to go for Samrat’s work,and Pakhi needs to go to so you accompany me to Ladakh. Sai tells everybody will affront me on the off chance that I accompany you. Virat tells in the event that you accompany me I will feel good,he advises it is a short excursion so placed my garments in your sack.

Virat inquires as to whether everything is okay. Pakhi inquires as to for what reason did you acquire blossoms to praise valentine’s today house ? She asks what were you doing in Sai’s school? He discloses to Sai’s dignitary called me for a provocation case,he advises you are full grown ,Sai’s companions discover that Sai is my better half so they requested that I give her roses. I offered rose to her,to you,to Ashwini and to every other person. Pakhi tells there is no satisfaction in my life.

Pulkit tells Aniket was commending you husband,you possibly feeling glad. Sai tells he is an excellent human,sometimes he really focuses on me like his dad. Pulkit asks he accomplishes such a great deal for you,what else do you anticipate from him? Sai tells he made it clear on the absolute first day of marriage not to expect a single thing from him.Pulkit tells nobody does this much for anybody in the present time.

Sai blows up that you are likewise agreeing with his position. Pulkit reveals to her you are hitched yet you are much the same as a kid,I take a gander at you and recollect my eight year old little girl Harini. He asks her what was her better half’s name? Sai discloses to him his name is ACP Virat Chavan,Pulkit goes into a flashback on tuning in to Chavan.

Devyani is inquiring as to whether he dares to flee with Ex Nagesh Chavan’s girl and undermines him not to consider some other young lady they share a hug.Sai tells she is getting late for next class. Pulkit thinks possibly Sai is by one way or another identified with Devyani.

Bhavani asks Devyani where is she going? Devyani advises I will meet my better half. Bhavani advises to hold her and send her to room and bolt it from outside. Virat requests to leave her. Devyani advises you are acceptable every other person is terrible. Virat discloses to I will converse with them,Bhavani enlightens nobody will talk concerning this occurrence.

Pakhi advises she needs to talk something significant with Virat. Sai is going to leave the room and advises you can’t chat with him transparently before me. Virat tells going out now resembles offending Pakhi. Sai advises yet tuning in to others’ very own discussion is likewise off-base. Virat requests both from them to quiet down.

Pakhi tells will I book my tickets,maybe you will be occupied in office work so I can book it. She reveals to him not to neglect to keep comfortable garments. Pakhi advises you can give me your garments I can pack them in one sack. Sai says he can’t give you anything since I will gather his sack. Pakhi tells I failed to remember that currently Virat’s better half is there to deal with him. Sai asks for what reason isn’t Virat revealing to Pakhi that Virat has requested that Sai join her. Read More…..

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