Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th February 2021 Written Episode Update

Virat reveals to Sai we should walk a bit. He reveals to her sorry for taking cash from her. Sai tells Virat has dissociative character issue. Virat Chavan one is awful however two is caring,protective and contrite. Virat asks her which one does she like? She tells she doesn’t any like any of them and takes cash from Virat. Sai and Virat share a second as she gets terrified and holds his hand as Virat’s vehicle tire penetrates.

Pulkit asks Sai for what valid reason would she say she is maintaining a strategic distance from him? He asks what did you feel so awful about that you went out without eating. Madhuri calls Pulkit sibling come here,Harini calls Pulkit to come as she needs to purchase toy. Sai understands that Madhuri isn’t Pulkit’s better half rather she is his sister. She poses Pulkit to answer her inquiry genuinely in the event that he needs to go to her home. She asks him who is his significant other? What is the name of her significant other? Pulkit tells Devyani and Sai looks stunned. same as a day ago.

Sai discloses to Pulkit she will help him meet Devyani and they will be together for eternity. Read More….

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