Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th January 2021 Written Episode Update

Next morning, Sayi excitedly sits tight for Amay. Pakhi with Karishma serves breakfast to Ashwini and Saloni. Saloni acclaims her. Karishma insults that seems as though just they are bahus and not Shivani. Bhavani enters and Pakhi whines her that Sayi as opposed to heading off to college or serving family is meandering near. Bhavani strolls to Sayi and shouts that great she dropped her concept of attending a university. Sayi says she has significant work and not upset her.

Ninad with Omkar strolls in and asks what’s going on. Bhavani shouts that Pakhi and Karishma are buckling down in kitchen, however Sayi is caught up with meandering around here and making trouble with seniors. Ninad hollers that she realizes just to affront seniors, and so on Sayi emulates him and Bhavani. Ninad cautions him to quit acting up with seniors or he knows to slap and quiet down. Sayi shows her cheek and requests that he slap her finally. Omkar says they don’t lift hands on ladies.

She says they simply know to holler at ladies and judge them. She proceeds with her contention. Saloni cautions next her to quit acting up with seniors, trailed by Pakhi. Virat enters and hears their discussion. Sayi proceeds with that they simply know to pass judgment on others and even give focuses for their work, and so forth Ninad inquires as to whether he perceived how his significant other makes trouble with older folks.

Virat strolls to Sayi and cautions her to quit acting up with older folks or he will get rowdy with her the manner in which she makes trouble with them. Sayi asks what did he say. He says he said what she heard. Saloni says in any event now he woke up in the wake of seeing their affront so often. Bhavani shouts straightaway and proceeds. Sayi copies her. Virat furiously yells at Sayi to quit offending older folks. Pakhi says great finally he saw his significant other’s mix-up and acknowledge it.

State picks Amay’s bring before family and meeting him in his vehicle keeps telephone on and plays with him. Bhavani shouts that she is so improper to play with an outsider. Read More….

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