Ghum hai kisi ke Pyaar me 28 January 2021 Writing Update

Karishma tells Sai even pushed Bhavani and she would have fallen in the event that I didn’t hold her. Ashwini reveals to Karishma you are so acceptable at making stories why not become an essayist? Virat explains for what reason did you let her abandon applying aalta? Pakhi tells do you figure she will hear us out?

Virat asks Bhavani how would i be able to respond? Bhavani advises him to show Sai a few habits and on the off chance that he can’t do so thn request that Sai take off from this house! Omkar tells there is no other way,Sonali tells whole day she continues to disregard whatever we say. Pakhi tells even I didn’t care for applying aalta yet I applied it atleast for Puja she ought to have applied it. Ninad explains for what reason would she apply aalta,she appreciates offending us. Sonali and Omkar add ghee in fire.

Bhavani tells please excuse me in the event that you felt awful yet we can’t remain with Sai,she doesn’t regard us even a bit. She tells if Karishma enjoyed this I would have tossed her out myself. Sonali discloses to Karishma regards the elderly folks a great deal. Virat tells where is Sai? Ninad tells before you call her here you ought to recall you have just two options,either she should take off from this house or you should leave with her. Sonali tells she can remain in lodging. Virat tells wedded individuals can’t remain there,I will converse with Sai.

Bhavani advises Virat needs to call her she won’t tune in to any of us. Ashwini reveals to I will call Sai,Sai explains for what reason are you yelling I am coming. Bhavani tells your affection has destroyed Sai. Ninad tells this is her disdain for us and she is utilizing Sai as a weapon for offending us. Virat asks Ashwini not to help Sai when she isn’t right. Ashwini requests that Virat open his eyes,even court tunes in to both side prior to choosing. Virat tells let Sai come I will ask her.

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