Ghum hai kisi ke Pyaar me 10th February 2021 Written Update

She says Aaba vowed to take her to Siddhivinayak sanctuary, yet proved unable. He says if god wishes, the two of them will go one day. Pakhi passes by and gets more desirous seeing Sai conversing with Virat. Sai inquires as to whether she should pack whatever else and separates call. Pakhi enters and inquires as to whether she is fine.

Sai says yes. Pakhi says she was talking so deferentially with Virat, so she thought. Sai says she thinks a ton. Pakhi says she talks a great deal. Sai says its better than intuition wrong and her both her wellbeing and goal are correct, so let her return to her examinations. Pakhi leaves smiling saying she can concentrate well when Virat isn’t around for 3-4 days.

Sai stands seething. Bhavani requests Virat to accept care from Pakhi as she is leaving Nagpur this time. Pakhi figures she will talk her out heart out with Virat this time. Virat educates that even Pakhi is going with them. Pakhi leaves shouting that she didn’t realize that Virat is making it his special first night trip taking Sai along. Read More…..

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