Ghum hai kisi ke Pyaar me 05 February 2021 Written Update

Omkar and Ninad are talking about India’s triumph over Australia. Bhavani advises them there is a letter from Samrat’s office in Ladakh. They are a few papers which need Pakhi’s sign so I was thinking to send her to Ladakh.

Virat tells possibly it will require some investment yet Samrat will return,I appeal to God day by day for my sibling. Ashwini and Sai brings tea for everybody. Virat tells in the event that it is significant for Pakhi to go to Ladakh I will go with her.

Ashwini advises Virat to book three tickets. Pakhi asks is Sai accompanying them to watch out for them? Sai advises her to be straightforward and say won’t she feel hurt if Sai goes along with them. Read More….

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