Ghum Hai Kise Ke Pyaar Me 23th January 2021 Written update

Bhavani hearing boisterous music from Sayi’s room inquires as to whether specialist endorsed his significant other to play uproarious music around evening time to avert fever. She keeps requesting that he clarify her that others likewise stay in this house or on the off chance that they all should head off to some place else. He requests that not go anyplace, he will disclose her not to commit this error once more. Sayi appreciates performing kathak in her room on a customary tune. Virat enters and watches her dance quietly. She slips. He holds her and investigates her eyes. Sequential’s title track plays out of sight. He is sorry for entering abruptly. She says its his room and he needn’t bother with her consent to enter. He says no more battle today. She inquires as to whether she is battling. He says alright, she isn’t battling with him and inquires as to for what reason is she so cheerful today and performing kathak. She educates about fresher’s invite program in her school and taking an interest in dance rivalry. He says music volume was high. She says it was low or, in all likelihood his family would have made a quake. He says isn’t not exactly a quake. She chuckles and says she used to take an interest in each dance rivalry in school, however didn’t have any desire to partake in fresher’s invite program’s dance rivalry, yet then Aniket demanded her and she concurred. He asks who Aniket. She says her kindred understudy, he sings truly well and she got entranced in his tune and begun moving subliminally, everybody saw it and demanded her to partake; even Aniket sings well. She inquires as to whether he will go to his fresher’s invite program and watch her presentation, at that point says he may not as he is occupied. He says she, when all is said and done, chooses everything. He says he doesn’t need to come as there are numerous individuals to watch her dance. He figures what ought to with this young lady and goes to change.

After at some point, Virat inquires as to whether Aniket sings well. She says he signs truly well and she proposed him to partake in singing rivalry, he said he is singing unscripted TV drama’s next in line. Virat says anybody can become next in line, remarks andhon me kana raja. She says he shouldn’t disparage Aniket, he sings truly well and she knows it. He says as though all extraordinary vocalists like Rafi Saheb, Kishore Da, Lata ji are from Gadchiroli. She says she heard her dad hearing melodies and she used to move along, so she realizes Aniket sings well. He gets more envious. She proceeds. He says OK akay and asks where are his shoes. She gives him shoes. She requests to quit wearing his shoes and joke about his family. She says she won’t quit wearing his shoes and won’t kid about his family, however he hasn’t seen a decent dance and consequently he didn’t laud her dance. He says a couple of individuals adulated her odd moves and commended her, her khet.. She says Aniket.

He says numerous individuals take an interest in singing rivalry and win, however they disappear later, Aniket is only a next in line. She snickers saying he is envious of Aniket. He says he sings well and plays mandolin. She demands to sing at that point. He says he is a cop and his obligation is to secure individuals and not simply a terrible artist. She says Aniket engages individuals like he secures them, so he shouldn’t get envious. Virat says alright OK, she should allow him to rest as he is worn out. She concurs. He asks what does Aniket look like. She says she hasn’t seen him well.

He demands. She depicts his highlights and says he is taller than him. He says alright, he is drained now and will rest, she doesn’t have to partake. She says alongside school, she needs to do house hold errands and at understudies insult her that she is hitched and doesn’t have the opportunity to consider, so she concentrates in school. He rests. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t his closest companion Pakhi bring supper for him, in the event that she is irate on him as he reproved her in the first part of the day. Read More….

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