Ghum Hai Kise Ke Pyaar Me 20th January 2021 Written update

Usha says its her slip-up as she shouldn’t have taken care of her and keeps mentioning. Sayi gets inflexible. Virat strolls into Sayi’s room and seeing Usha strained asks reason. Sayi asks Usha not to tell anything. Usha says for what reason shouldn’t she and illuminates that Sayi is having high fever, and, after its all said and done she would not like to have food.

Virat requests that she go and feeling Sayi’s temple offers her medications, yet Sayi gets unyielding and says he doesn’t have any privilege on her. He says he thinks about his privilege and duty. She reminds him how he admonished her and upheld family when she got Amay captured. He inquires as to why she extends issues to such an extent. Their contention proceeds.

Sayi asks Bhavani what family unit work she ought to do prior to setting off for college. Bhavani requests that she cook nourishment for family. Sayi says somebody needs to cut vegetables and granulate masalas and requests that Karishma slice vegetables and Pakhi to pound masalas, leaving them raging. Read More…

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