Ghum Hai Kise K Pyaar Me 3 March 2021 Written Update

Devyani inquires as to whether he is the one whom she wedded, in the event that she is her Pulkit. Pulkit gestures yes. Devi says he doesn’t resemble her Pulkit. He says numerous years have passed and he got specs subsequent to concentrating so a lot, she hasn’t changed a piece however and she is his better half.

Devi inquires as to whether he wedded another person and has a kid. He says her family deceived her, he didn’t wed any other individual and has just her in his life and heart. Ninad yells to get out at this point. Pulkit says even he would not like to remain here, he came for his Devyani and won’t go from here without taking her. Omkar hollers straightaway. Shivani stops her and says Devi’s condition is a result of them and they should release her with Pulkit. Bhavani hollers until she is alive, Devi and Pulkit can’t rejoin. Sai says

they will rejoin while she is alive, she doesn’t reserve any privilege to destroy her girl’s life and its better she start Devi’s bidayi/goodbye courses of action. Ninad hollers to stop her refuse or probably he will hit her.

Sai says she isn’t apprehensive about his dangers. He irately lifts hand. Virat enters and holds it and asks how might he threaten his bahu/DIL, he can’t think in his fantasy that his dad can do this. Ninad yells to clarify his significant other. Virat sees Pulkit and asks what is he doing here after such countless years. Pulkit says Sai assembled him and he is conference his significant other due to Virat’s better half. Sai says Pulkit is discussing Devi as Devi is his better half.

Virat stunned inquires as to whether Pulkit and Dev are hitched. Bhavani hollers that he is lying or probably she wouldn’t have covered up this fact. Pulkit says she is concealing this reality and he wedded Devi on Mahashivrati day in a sanctuary 10 years prior. Devi thinks back wedding him. Bhavani shouts again that he is lying. Devi says Bhavani is lying as she wedded Pulkit and reveals to Virat that she wedded Pulkit. Pulkit gets glad that she recollects their marriage and says he will take her home.

She asks him not to draw close to her or, more than likely her aayi will hurt them. He says he will secure her. She says her aayi takes care of her numerous prescriptions and make her rest, she gets apprehensive when she awakens; Sai is great however and takes great consideration of her. Pulkit says he has returned now and won’t leave her be. Devi rubs her eyes and inquires as to whether he truly has gone.

He says yes. She says she will go to her room. Shivani stops her and says her significant other has truly come. Ashwini discloses to Devi that she knows Pulkit since he remained here and he is a decent kid. Shivani requests that Pulkit and Devi come nearer. Pulkit expands his hand. Bhavani hollers at Devi not to hold his hand and compromises her.

Devi holds his hand. Ninad shouts at him to leave Devi’s hand. He says he won’t leave his significant other’s hand. Bhavani compromises Devi and Devi leaves in dread. Sai guarantees Devi not to stress and Pulkit says Bhavani can’t hurt them now as he is rich and family specialist now and helpless like before.

Bhavani shouts he doesn’t need to apologize as she did what she felt ideal for her little girl and this current family’s nobility; how might she let Nagesh Chavan’s little girl wed a worker’s child; she feels awful for Devi’s condition, yet is glad that her girl is with her securely and didn’t need to ask on street for 2 rotis.

Virat asks in which time she is living, why does it matter if a kid is rich or worker’s child, they should take a gander at an individual’s tendency and not status, what’s going on if 2 individuals love one another, she ought to have thought if Devi can be cheerful without Pulkit; Pulkit procured his name and popularity with his persistent effort, he is a specialist and educator, at that point what issue she has now. Saloni shouts that he is contradicting family again and supporting Pulkit. Read More…

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