Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28 January 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Shravan and Suman’s grahpravesh occurring. They sit for the ring discovering function. Everybody grins joyfully. Devraj says I m glad, they are together, I didn’t think thus, you did it Rajender. He requests that Ragini end their irritation and accommodate, Avni is additionally here, attempt to proceed onward together. Ragini takes a gander at Rajender. Suman sees Shravan. He says I need to reveal to you something. She requests that he keep restroom clean. He says indeed, I thought.. They sit. He says I don’t need any difficult at this point. Suman grins and says we as of now love one another, we battled the world for one another. Shravan says we have won also, infant. She asks infant. He stimulates her. They take rest. Ek duje… .plays… . They clasp hands.

Its morning, Veer says I need to meet Shravan. Beena requests that he eat. Ramesh says I would prefer not to have the morning meal. Beena says nobody discloses to us how to deal with life after girl’s bidaai. She inquires as to for what reason was Kavita indicating interest in your marriage. Kanchan says its everybody’s pastime to show interest in young ladies’ marriage. Beena asks what are you stowing away from me. Kanchan says its Kavita and my issue. Beena asks wouldn’t i be able to stress for you. Kanchan says Suman and Shravan had a trick, Kavita saw me and prodded me. Beena says you like Kavita more than me. Kanchan says she became acquainted with like you, you object to her. Beena says no. I simply need Suman to be glad there. Kanchan says she will be cheerful. Avni thumps the entryway. Suman and Shravan awaken. Avni gets the morning meal for Suman and Shravan. She prods them. Shravan says I comprehended, you can go. He gets his companion’s call. He asks Sahil for what valid reason didn’t he come. Sahil wishes him.

He says I got hitched three months back. Shravan asks what happened now. Sahil says we are likewise armed force officials, we had posting at better places, we were unable to meet since 3 months. Shravan and Suman get stressed. Shravan says you love the military first and afterward our family. He clarifies Suman. Suman says there is a distinction in knowing it and feeling it, I know when mum and father used to remain away and miss one another. Shravan says don’t get miserable, for what reason don’t we go through consistently together, gain experiences for the occasions when we are not together. She grins.

In the gathering, Devraj and Kavita invite everybody. Shravan and Suman come. Kavita jokes recounting her occasions. Suman says sorry, I dozed till late. Devraj says Kavita is an advanced Saas. Suman says you won’t allow me to miss my mum. Kavita grins. Bassi requests that Shravan have a beverage. Bunty jokes and says let the supervisor grant. Shoki says its only for few days. Kavita says don’t ruin my child. Shravan makes Suman meet the visitors. They grin seeing Ragini and Rajender together. Shravan gets senior’s call. He comes to everybody. He says I need to return for advancement and new posting. Kavita says I realized he will get advancement. Everybody grins. Suman takes a gander at Shravan.

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