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The shooting party of film Djibouti has arrived in Kochi. They were shooting in the African country of Djibouti when the COVID 19 lockdown was declared.

The shooting was finished in April 18 yet the group needed to stay there because of movement limitations. The group arrived at Kochi in a sanctioned flight today morning.

Amith Chakkalakkal plays the lead in Djibouti. Dileesh Pothan, Gregory and Anjali Nair incorporate the cast. S J Sinu is the chief. Jobi P Sam and Maria Sweety are creating Djibouti.

The group will head on a quarantine according to bearings from the specialists.

Expounding further on the demand for the big-screen insight, Sinu feels that a little screen experience may marginally degrade the endeavors that went into the film. “Shooting in that landscape was difficult work, particularly considering the environment. We shot most of the film in Djibouti in one 45-day plan, with around 15 days of shoot in Kerala areas like Vagamon, Munnar and Ernakulam.”

On projecting Amit Chakkalakkal leading the pack job, Sinu shares that he thought about the entertainer subsequent to watching his past work and seeing “saint material” in him. “Given the different essential factors like the idea of the material, the environment of the area, and the shortfall of date issues, I was certain that Amit would be the best decision for the main man.” Sinu remembered to add that he has high expectations for Amit and his place in Malayalam film. “I figure we will get to see a greater amount of his potential soon. Assuming it were not for the pandemic interfering with our arrangements, we would have seen him do a few ponders as of now. Truth be told, we are doing our next film with him. We are reporting the title soon. A similar maker, Jobi P Sam (of Nile and Blue Hill Motion Pictures), is backing the venture, which is generally more modest in scale.” Cinematographer TD Sreenivas shot Djibouti while Samjith Mohammed altered it. Deepak Dev formed the music to verses by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri and Vinayak Sasikumar. Sabu Mohan took care of the craftsmanship division, and Saranya Jibu planned the ensembles.

Djibouti Malayalam Movie Cast & Crew

Release Date :- 2021
Directed By :- S J Sinu
Produced By :- Jobi P Sam
Written By :- S J Sinu
Starring :- Jacob Gregory, Shagun Jaswal, Amith Chakalakkal, Dileesh pothan
Genres :- Action, Drama
Music :- Deepak Dev
Language :- Malayalam
Country :- India

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