Best Top Load Washing Machine 7Kg in India 2021

Load Washing Machine:- If you are looking for 7 kg washing machine for your home then you have come to the right article, we have brought for you 7 kg washing machine which gives you the facility of washing clothes at very high speed.

You will find many washing machines in the market, but it can be difficult for you to choose a good, quality and good company washing machine, so keeping these things in mind, we have brought 7 kg capacity washing machine for you. You can buy from Amazon.

Best Top Load Washing Machine

  • No of Wash Programs – 3 ( Delicate, Normal and Heavy)
  • 66L Large wash tub with Deep wash system gives more space to the clothes for cleaning
  • 340W powerful high efficiency motor is powerful enough to roll the clothes in all directions giving a thorough cleaning
  • Water Proof Control Panel
  • EASY MOBILITY – Equipped with 4 wheels, the machine can be moved around by sliding it with ease.
  • Maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM for superior drying of clothes
  • Autorestart, End of cycle buzzer, Soak Technology

With TurboScrub technology and a special in-built collar scrubber, you can remove tough dirt with ease. which ensures that the collar gets a good scrubbing every wash as well as equipped with a scrub station that allows scrubbing while standing and its flow back design allows water and detergent to be pumped back into the wash tub can flow in. In this, you have been given more for washing clothes, due to which you 66L big wash tub gives more room for cleaning clothes. It is powered by a 340W powerful high-efficiency motor that is powerful enough to roll the cloth in all directions for a thorough cleaning. It is fitted with four wheels, which can be easily moved and moved around the machine.

  • Fully-automatic top load washing machine: Affordable with great wash quality, Easy to use
  • Capacity 7.0 Kg: Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product, 2 years on motor
  • 680 rpm: Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying
  • Number of cycle:6
  • Also included in the box: 1 Washing Machine, 1 Anti Rat cover, 1 Owner’s manual, 1 OT Hose, 1 Drain Hose
  • Cycle – blanket, delicates, eco tub clean, normal, quick wash, soak plus normal
  • Special Feature – air turbo, auto restart, child lock, magic filter, tempered glass window, drum type – diamond drum, water level – 5 levels

The Samsung 7kg model is a powerful washing machine. The washing machine is great for washing clothes for families with 2 to 3 members. It allows you to do laundry using special features like Easy Iron, Eco Tub Clean, Auto Restart and Magic Filter. This is due to the “water jets” emanating from the center of the pulsator, which improves the effectiveness of the wash by picking up any fabric that falls on the surface of the pulsator and thus prevents tangled laundry. It comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 2-year motor warranty. You can save your clothes from getting spoiled with the help of this because it washes your clothes very well, so that your clothes do not get spoiled. Its smooth, diamond-shaped ridges are gentle on even delicate items and the monsoon drying system allows air to be pulled through the double pores, creating a whirlwind of drying power. It spins very fast to save you time, drying your clothes very quickly. The Quick Wash program is the perfect solution for your busy life.

  • Ace wash station – Now sort, stack and carry your clothes on the machine itself
  • In-Built Scrubber: Added in the Wash tub to give Clothes the perfect wash
  • No of Wash Programs – 3 

Whirlpool’s ACE Supreme Plus comes with an ACE wash station design, which is very handy for you to specifically wash, stack and carry your laundry. It has feature elements like lint filter and impeller allowing for a clean wash every time. The user can sort and carry dry clothes using the multi-utility tray. The inbuilt scrubber inside the wash tub enhances the thoroughness of the wash every time. An in-built scrubber was added to the wash tub for proper washing. 3 (Fragile, Normal & Heavy) Supersoak technology that allows for easy removal of tough dirt with 25 minutes of continuous soaking and scrubbing. For example, the washing machine is equipped with four wheels which you can easily move around by sliding it. Its washing speed is 1400 rpm.

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