Barrister Babu 19 February 2021 Written Update

The scene begins with Anirudh giving Sumati’s photograph to media to post about her absent as he’s stressed over her. Imlie prepares for her suhaagraat. Bondita is upbeat when Trilochan comes there. He sends everybody out saying that he needs to chat with Bondita in private.

Bondita flaunts her jewelleries and Trilochan requests her a guarantee to satisfy all the obligations from a spouse. He says that she ought not escape the room prior to finishing all the customs. He requests that she follow all the things educated by Sampoorna. Bondita says about remaining inside cloak, broken bangles, fallen saree and broken bed. She vows to not come out prior to satisfying every last bit of it.

Anirudh returns home and Bihari races to him yelling everybody that Anirudh is back. Everybody comes out and Bondita gets some information about her mom. Anirudh reviews what occurred. Anirudh lies that Sumati Maa didn’t get back from journey yet and vows to bring her home soon. Binoy chooses to accomplish something before Anirudh begins looking through Sumati.

Sampoorna says it’s the ideal opportunity for the custom. Anirudh exhaust while Sampoorna takes Bondita inside the room. Anirudh takes a stab at leaving yet Kaka meets with him. He adulates Anirudh for exercises. Trilochan requests that Bihari give inebriated desserts to Anirudh so he wouldn’t be in his detects. He says really at that time he would take part in the custom and they would before long get a kid. Bihari fears yet Troll persuades that its ordinary.

Sampoorna and Bondita moves for Dola re tune. Anirudh gets taken care of by inebriated desserts meanwhile. He gets intoxicated. Sampoorna discovers Binoy pressing his things. She asks the explanation and Binoy says he’s going out as soon Anirudh finds about Sumati. Sampoorna says she will talk with them yet Binoy closes her. He’s going to leave when Sampoorna admits that Sumati is alive.

Then again, Devoleena and her significant other burrows a pit and keeps oblivious Sumati inside. Binoy blasts out at Sampoorna for tricking him constantly. She says that this is a direct result of her folks she did all that and vows to satisfy every one of her duties. Devoleena and Mama ji covers Sumati inside the pit. Then, Anirudh and Bondita partakes in the customs while Anirudh too co works in his intoxicated state.

Sampoorna comes to Devoleena and asks where is Sumati. They says she would’ve passed on at this point. Sampoorna says that she guaranteed Binoy to get Sumati request to win his heart. She impacts out at them and inquires as to whether she was as yet alive. Devoleena leaves with her significant other.

Then again Anirudh and Bondita take owes to begin their relationship as a couple and develop their age. Sampoorna comes there and Binoy gets some information about Sumati. She says that she will be there soon. Sampoorna and different women takes Bondita to Anirudh’s room and trains her going to carry on. Kaka gives some beverage to intoxicated Anirudh and he drinks it. Bondita covers herself with cloak and sits tight for Anirudh on his bed. Anirudh goes into his room. Read More…

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