Barrister Babu 18 March 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Bondita mentioning snake that she needs to finish her quick at any rate. She needs to save her marriage.

Anirudh faults Trilochan saying it will be your shortcoming if something happens to Bondita. You showed her negligible things. Trilochan says nothing will happen to her. Anirudh says why you so sure that Bondita isn’t at serious risk. She didn’t eat anything. Noone has thought where is she. Vihari enlightens him regarding the troublesome quick that Manorama’s parents in law were examining. Anirudh gets stunned realizing that the sanctuary is arranged at slope top. He races to save her.

Bondita continues to stroll with the kalas and bears the agony saying she ought not surrender. Anirudh yells Bondita’s name and searches her. Bondita feels uncomfortable yet arrives at the sanctuary and finishes the custom. Anirudh while running tumbles down in wilderness. Bondita thinks that its troublesome ring the sanctuary ringer. She swoons shouting Patibabu. Anirudh yells Bondita. Bondita holds the precipice end. She was going to fall yet Manorama saves her. Bondita gets oblivious. Anirudh says kindly open your eyes. He expresses gratitude toward Manorama for saving Bondita. Manorama says its Bondita’s karma that I came here for some imperative work. She says you must be cautious as Bondita is truly into you and is associated with you. Anirudh says I concur. I’m additionally associated with her. Bondita is enduring a result of these malicious traditions. Presently I will get her out of the snare. Manorama says I trust your desire gets satisfied. Bondita is your fundamental concern. Anirudh says most awesome aspect karma to Manorama for her central goal.

Anirudh deals with Bondita and says I am tired of showing you something very similar over and over. How might I answer your inquiries that you have. He chooses to leave her eternity so she comprehends the relationship of duty. Anirudh contacts her cheek and Bondita holds his hand. In any case, Anirudh leaves from that point.

Bondita awakens following day and thinks who took me here? I was going to fall. She sees Anirudh’s watch and figures Anirudh should be irate with me as he doesn’t need me to do every one of these things. She at that point feels possibly Patibabu isn’t furious. She gets cheerful reasoning that she will remain with Anirudh until the end of time. Read More…….

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