Anupama 9th February 2021 Written Update

Understudies alarm seeing fire spreading in class. Anu requests that they move head behind and separating gas chamber keeps it aside. Understudies yell for help. Anu takes them towards entryway and seeing entryway consuming calls security. Security comes to there and calls others. Pakhi additionally sees it and gets strained acknowledging Anu is inside room. Anu keeps arguing for help and comforting kids. Her sari pallu bursts into flames. She sets it off with water in a container.

Nandini is sound snoozing when Samar enters calling her noisily. She awakens stunned and admonishes him. He says he came to examine an uplifting news with her as mummy is furious on her. She asks what occurred. He says he found a lasting line of work. She says OK, at that point acknowledging it energetically asks truly? He says he found a new line of work at New Age Dance Institute and can

monetarily help mummy now. He expresses gratitude toward her for alluding her name. She embraces him and says she is so glad for him that he can both genuinely lastly help Anu aunt now. He says mummy is as yet furious on him. She says she won’t for long and would be glad for him.

Pakhi inquires as to whether mummy/Anupama instructor is additionally stuck inside. Security says yes. She gets more stressed and attempts to enter setting, yet security stops her. Anu breaks window sheet and gets understudies out. Educators talk about that Anu is boldly sending kids out and everybody come out securely.

Anu sends all understudies out and seeing one sitting in a corner pulls tables around him consuming her hands. Samar video calls Pakhi and inquires as to whether she had requested anything as a package came. She advises that mummy is stuck in a fire mishap. Samar additionally frenzies and surges towards school. Anu sends last understudy out and keeping in mind that herself attempting to get out tumbles down hitting the rear of her head and gets oblivious.

Pakhi illuminates Vanraj same. He additionally surges towards school. Samar arrives at school and yells at Anu to awaken. Anu hearing his voice longs for family and awakens hacking. Samar keeps arguing her to open her eyes. Vanraj additionally comes to. Individuals talk about that fire has spread in general and there is less possibility of Anu’s endurance. Anu remains strong with extraordinary trouble and strolls with wobbling step mumbling her youngsters. She wraps a rug around her and strolls towards entryway. Vanraj likewise argues her to come out and attempts to get in, however monitors stop him. She at last comes out and falls because of devouring extreme CO2 gas.

Kinjal with Kavya watches news in office and says she needs to go. Collaborator illuminates her about the present gathering. Kinjal requests that she head the present gathering as she thinks about the task. Kavya gets some information about Anu subsequent to coming to there. Kinjal gestures alright and leaves. Kavya thinks V never believed her and let her head a task, however Kinjal confides in her. Anu opens eyes and grins seeing her kids around. Vanraj inquires as to whether she is fine. She gestures yes. Kids inquire as to whether she is truly fine.


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