Anupama 27 January 2021 Written Update

Pakhi over telephone requests that Samar bring her school dress, shoes and other stuff as she has a test and can’t miss it. Anu flags her to concur. He says he will come and says mummy arranged aloo tikki and chutney, so he will bring it for her. Pakhi requests that he bring breakfast for father additionally or, in all likelihood he will have cornflakes.

Kavya blows up hearing that and discloses to Vanraj that on the off chance that he is eating from home, for what reason should she burn through her time. Anu sincerely gathers Kinjal’s sack and Vanraj’s medications and clinical document and offers it to Samar. Samar says wow Mr. Shah’s sweetheart took his garments yet not prescriptions, exemplary. Baa says Kavya isn’t just futile yet in addition indiscreet, she has the opportunity to manage her eyebrows however not plan food; she requests that Kinjal pack thepla with breakfast as they may require it and they will send it each 2-3 days.

Anu says Kavya will feel awful on the off chance that they send it regularly. Baa says that is the reason she is sending, Kavya is an untouchable yet child and granddaughter are most certainly not. Anu says they are remaining in other’s home. Baa says that is the reason she needs them to return back and asks Samar what they call in the event that somebody intrudes somebody’s property and develops a house there. Samar says illicit development. Baa says Kavya did same, individuals take land and assemble a house, Kavya took a relationship and made a house for herself. Anu says if they like it, there is relationship and ought to follow it. Baa proceeds.

Bapuji requests that Samar go as this channel once starts will proceed for 2-3 hours. Samar arrives at Kavya’s home with breakfast and Vanraj’s record. Pakhi inquires as to for what reason is he late. He says he went ahead bicycle and not on plane. She requests that he drop her to class once she prepares. Vanraj requests that he come in and seeing his facial wounds asks how could it occur. Samar says bicycle slide. Vanraj says it is anything but a physical issue of falling, on the off chance that he battled, he didn’t battle previously. Samar thinks even he didn’t have illicit relationship previously.

Vanraj says whenever battled for a sweetheart. Samar says yes. Vanraj inquires as to whether he isn’t embarrassed. Samar says he battled as a result of Vanraj’s sweetheart, thugs harassed him taking mummy’s name and when its about mummy, he can’t extra anybody. He gives solution document and prescriptions and says somebody fails to remember yet mummy doesn’t. Pakhi returns preparing for school and tasting breakfast requests that Kavya join. Kavya says she doesn’t eat undesirable food. Pakhi requests that Vanraj join. Vanraj joins her. Samar remarks when Kavya had mummy’s slap, for what reason wouldn’t she be able to have mummy’s readied thepla. Kavya inquires as to whether he said something. He says no and says on the off chance that mummy’s food is unfortunate, why Mr. Shah is so fit. Kavya gets desirous seeing Vanraj getting a charge out of food and thinks food is spouse’s brahmastra and men’s life starts and finishes with food.

Kavya requests to complete food while she returns. Samar says he previously ate and will leave. Pakhi goes to bring sack. Vanraj gives Samar his Visa and requests to utilize if any relative necessities it in crisis. Samar says family helps in crisis and he has that, so needn’t bother with his Visa. Vanraj says house won’t run with pomposity and dignity, his mummy doesn’t get it, yet in any event he ought to. He says he wishes he can become like his mummy, yet no one can resemble her and can’t have her spot, if anybody acknowledges its at the very least a gift to remain with his mummy. He leaves with Pakhi. Samar drops Pakhi to class. Anu sees Pakhi and strolls behind her. Pakhi’s companions insult her on the off chance that she has not ready for test, she can give pardon that she can’t get ready for test on account of her folks, they heard that her daddy’s sweetheart arranged her birthday celebration, its so cool that she is getting 2 mummy’s adoration. Pakhi stands crying. Anu races to her to support, yet Pakhi stops her

Anu inquires as to for what reason didn’t she answer them. Pakhi says whom to answer, everybody state same, all gratitude to her, she shouldn’t stress over her as daddy and Kavya will deal with her and she should focus on her purported vocation and life. While telecommuting, Kavya gets a call from her manager Mr. Dholakia and says she will telecommute for a couple of days because of individual explanation. She acts stunned and detaches call taking a gander at Vanraj. Kavya illuminates Vanraj that he is ended from work, organization couldn’t care less about his mishap and since he didn’t meet his objective, he is ended; indeed, Mr. Dholakia messaged him end letter yesterday. Vanraj stands stunned checking it. On the opposite side, Anu instructs dance to her online understudies. Samar advises Anu that 15 new understudies took a crack at her group. Nandini says they will open another dance school soon. Samar moves saying mummy is rockstar. Anu moves cheerfully. The two of them embrace her.

Kavya attempts to comfort Vanraj saying he gave for what seems like forever to this organization, however they couldn’t have cared less about his penance. Vanraj says how might he store his youngsters’ investigations and deal with his folks; he will call Dholakia at this moment and accidentally calls Anu. Kavya requests that he quiet down as this issue will worsen. Vanraj says this isn’t the solitary occupation on the planet, he will land another position without any problem. Kavya asks him again to quiet down. Anu hearing that gets strained and thinks back Vanraj advising about his compensation addition and US customers. She arrives at home and hears Baa disclosing to Bapuji that her companion looked for credit from her and will restore it in a month. Mamaji jokes. Baa says she will ask cash from Vanraj. Anu asks her not to call or ask him cash. Baa shouts who is she to meddle among her and her child. Anu says Vanraj lost his employment. Bapuji remains in stun and says work is Vanraj’s pride. Baa says her child is so dedicated and faithful, for what reason did they end him from work at that point.

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