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In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when Anupama is drunk then all the family are very upset, then only Pakhi Samar and the guilty two are sitting near Anupama, they tell Pakhi’s brother to go to sleep. So she says that I will not go where I will not speak until the mother will not speak. Summer says that I do not know when it will happen.

After all what has happened to the mother that she is not conscious and she is not conscious then you see That Anupama’s friend first goes to today and tells her what both have done to Anupama. I know to what extent you can fall that I want to hear from your mouth.

Was also, but when I told Amar, give me more faith in you than God and she did not listen to me one thing and saying that she goes from there and goes straight to Kavya, then you see that poetry house I am talking with Nandani and asking her topper comes to Anupama’s friend and she tells Kamal that she wants to know about Anupama. Da hai or has died and where does she say to Gaya that what you and Manraj have done to my friend is such that she has become a dead corpse consciously and she is not saying anything and Kavya is surprised to hear this It is then that Anupama’s friend grabs Kavya’s hand and tells her that tell me now what you guys have done with Anupama,

in such a way, the poem tells her the truth about what happened that night and then Anupama Upon hearing this, Saheli and Nandini go to the shop, that you can fall so much and she leaves from there saying that I will not leave you and that Manraj of yours, you will reach the jail and she leaves her mind and then She goes to kill him, only then you see that all the family members are standing near Anupama. He is talking to the same doctor that Anupama is conscious but she is not responding, then the doctor says that If it is not cured in 1 day,


then tomorrow you will have to get admitted in the hospital, then the family members get upset hearing how it will be in the hospital, then on hearing this, Anupama’s father-in-law Blood pressure rises and he gets as much as he and all the householders handle him and when he has to give blood, he only knows about Anupama, then his father-in-law would gently tell him about the pill and Soon Ghori is given to her, thus after some time Raj’s call comes and goes out of that room and goes to his bedroom and also goes after her from behind why you are calling me again and again. She says that I had to ask about and came alone and she pressurized me a lot. I told her everything and then she gets angry and I tell her that you are bent on ruining me. Why did you tell her the truth? Tell me, there is no Anupama Joshi who will come in our talks, she has to tell the truth to all the family members, then how are they taken there and say that yes I will tell everything the truth and I catch her and say that I am yours,

so I am not telling anyone, if Anupama starts talking, I will definitely support her and go away from there saying, see you Te is that all the householders are very upset and everyone is reminded of Anupama how Anupama used to take care of the housework and everyone while staying at home Babuji is crying a lot, thus today’s episode ends here is

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