Anupama 23 January 2021 Written Update

Anu sits sobbing in her room. Samar strolls to her and inquires as to whether she is petitioning for a separation. She inquires as to whether she is fouling up. He says she is doing well as broken heart doesn’t think wrong. Kavya takes Vanraj home and embracing him says he got back to her finally. She requests that he document for his separation soon.

Vanraj says there is no issue with his separation as Anu would effortlessly give it, yet Anirudh would make an issue and not give her separation effectively as he is erratic. Anirudh enters and says he is totally correct and says this man resembles a football who is kicked from the two sides; when his better half didn’t acknowledge him, he came to Kavya and when Kavya showed him out, he returned to his significant other and the other way around; he came here as his significant other kicked him once more;

he saw Vanraj strolling behind Anupama to sanctuary and after she dismissed his moves he returned back to Kavya; he is of a platitude na ghar ka na ghat ka. Kavya shouts not to over and again blend poison in her life and ought to get lost. He says he is a matchbox for her and Vanraj agarbathi, she is utilizing him to consume Vanraj; wouldn’t she be able to see Vanraj is utilizing her. She yells for what reason is he fretted over her, in the event that he along these lines, for what reason don’t he separate from her. He says in the event that she need separate, she needs to pay him just 60 lakhs. Vanraj hollers at Anirudh that he is bold.

Anirudh says when he saw Kavya is encircled by bold individuals, he came in; this present house’s worth is 1 crore 20 lakhs and he needs his half portion of 60 lakhs; they purchased this house with adoration, however when there is no affection, he needs his profits back; leaves marking paise dedo separate lelo/give cash and take separate. Kavya closes entryway. Vanraj yells at Kavya that he realized her significant other’s show will begin once he comes here, she should figure out her separation with her better half and afterward address him.

Pakhi goes into room indignantly. Anu asks what befallen her and embraces her from behind. Pakhi indignantly liberates herself and hollers that dad ventured out from home again due to her. Anu stands up to her that she adores her dad doesn’t mean she won’t regard her mom, she is certainly not a little child that all her mix-ups ought to be excused; she is acting up with her, her siblings, and her bhabhi and in the event that she will yell at her dad on the off chance that she blows up on him; if yelling is a permit to vent out disappointment, she should yell at them all; she ought to recollect that she is her mom and in the event that she gets out of hand with any relative once more, she won’t endure it.

Anu strolls on street thinking back the minutes she went through with Vanraj and his selling out. Honk ke murmur dono me jo bacha who kam sa plays out of sight. She meets Sanjay and the two of them meet an attorney to document separate. Legal counselor inquires as to whether she is certain that she needs to petition for a separation as generally individuals arrive at legal advisor out of frustration, however ease off when their outrage chills. Sanjay says they are certain. Attorney says as a rule ladies don’t come here who. Anu says ladies of her age who has grown up youngsters with one previously wedded. He says as a rule ladies of her age don’t document separate and on the off chance that she is certain he will record separation and accept his charges as Sanjay is his companion, yet it will take a ton of time and cash for her. Anu says she needs separate. Legal advisor says Sanjay has informed him about this case and in the event that she needs to add some a larger number of charges other than infedility, contrariness, physical or mental torment, and so on Anu says she needs separate with no claims as its not important to mudsling at one another to get separate, at the most society will accuse her that she needs separate, yet it doesn’t make a difference to her as her family knows it all and that is sufficient for her, she won’t demolish her family’s poise to satisfy outcasts, she needs separate so the two of them can live calmly. He says he will petition for a shared assent separate and asks how much cash she needs to inquire. She says she needn’t bother with anything. He says she may require cash to run the house and for her essential necessities. She says her better half consistently satisfied his obligations of a dad and child, she has her own work and needn’t bother with his cash. He says on the off chance that somebody would have been in her place, they would have beaten him and destroyed his pride and vent out their dissatisfaction for the psychological torment he gave. She says she simply needs to escape this psychological torment and carry on with a serene life. He says alright at that point, he will fie a common assent separation and let us check whether other gathering will concur for it or not.

Kavya over telephone discloses to Anirudh that she realizes he needn’t bother with 60 lakhs, yet is simply attempting to inconvenience her. Vanraj grins figuring Anirudh wouldn’t handily separate from her, even he would not like to fall in a separation show and carry on with a quiet life. After at some point, peon hands him over a letter. Seeing a legal counselor’s name on envelope, he figures Anirudh more likely than not sent it and irately leaves overlooking Kavya. Kavya thinks what befallen him.

Anu gets back and pounds masalas on stone processor. Samar inquires as to whether she is OK. She says yes. He says individuals won’t extra any stuff, yet she is saving her life, he is so pleased with her. He messages Nandini that mummy is somewhat vexed at this point. Family is caught up with appreciating in front room when Vanraj enters yelling what occurred. Baa asks what occurred. He yells her bahu sent a separation notice and asks Anu what does this mean. Anu says it implies she needs separate and when a string of relationship can’t be unraveled, it is better they break it. Kinjal thinks back advising same to Anu. Anu says she can’t fail to remember whatever occurred between them.

Baa inquires as to for what reason wouldn’t she be able to fail to remember. She says to fail to remember, she needs to fail to remember her dignity and her character. Baa inquires as to whether her self esteem is greater than her family. She says nothing is significant than family, however family is worked with affection which their relationship need. Vanraj says he needed to get back and begun cherishing her, yet she denied him. She says once she denied, he got back to Kavya; his adoration evaporated before a line on paper; he may cherish riding 2 boats, yet she can’t; he is harmed as she is cutting off this association; in a general public where a lady is even directed what to cook, when she petitions for a separation, clearly he is harmed; she won’t allow him to remain at 2 places and is closing one entryway for all time.


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