Anupama 02 September 2020 Written Update

In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that the father of Kinjal tells him that let’s get out of the muhurat for engagement, then start the engagement, Rakhi says if not, then Adi’s husband tells her that you have understood Do not want to be part of this, but it will remain as an engagement; Rakhi is surprised to hear that after seeing this, after some time everyone forces, Rakhi agrees and the rituals for engagement start in this way. Anupama goes to get the kurta.

Which she has made with her hands but when she sees him in clothes, she does not find him and they start looking for him, when Samar comes to her mother and I ask them what is the matter, she says Kaurta is not available, maybe Samar remains at home, Samar says that I do not go but Anupama says no I walk with you, you see that Samar tells her mother that if she is engaged from behind If gone, Anupama says that no son can be engaged without mother and she says that for 24 years I have waited for this day so I do not want to let anything fall into it.

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So you see that both Samar and Anupama go home and start looking for a kurta to get the kurta and after some time they get the kurta and they are coming in the hall with the kurta then you see that when Anupama reaches So that kinkle and animal are engaged and Anupama is shocked to see that she got engaged without me and tears start coming from her eyes, you see that we say that you see now What do I do then I stop your Anupama Samar and Samar gets angry from there and says that if the happiness is not part of my mother, I do not want to join that happiness then you see that Anupama She sits there with a kurta and then Rakhi comes to see her there and I start telling her that you used to say that she will get it done in engagement but these people do not care about you, who would respect their family so much. But these people do not care about you and saying that she goes away from there and Anupama feels very sad but all the other people are away. They are happy that way when they leave, everyone comes home and see if it is not good at all and the family is looking at the engagement photos and saying that the photos have come very well but any interest in Anupama She does not give and you see that after some time I do not see the pictures of Anupama, but Samar gets angry after hearing this.

He starts saying that you people will be worried about him, only then a photo can come and he starts giving it to the family members, who brought this happiness in this house, you did not care about his happiness at all and he says that Everyone in the house is worried everyone has photos, but the person who did all this has no photos in it, even poetic, so just listen to it and runs on it and he summers his father and apologizes saying So he would have apologized but you should also apologize to the mother, what is this going on from there, then you see that both Babuji and his maternal uncle apologize to Anupama, but her breath says that to apologize in this What is the matter, it is a mistake that it did not appear in the photo, and then even I start saying that mother, why did you need to go home, why have you left the engagement and you are now making me feel guilty like this See that I get angry even then I start listening to Anupama and he says that you stop being disrespectful now, see this way that everyone starts telling him the height of asking for sorry from Anupama. This way today’s episode ends here.

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